“It’s time to ... awakening sensations. To reimagine who we are.”
Carlos Ferrerinha


It is the area within the MCF Consultoria destined to courses, lectures, trainings and capacities open to the general public. The intelligence in Luxury Management in different formats with updated content, bringing reflections, insights, learning and their translations for application in any and every market segment. Taught by Carlos Ferreirinha and invited professionals in specific and complementary themes, the content is available in face-to-face or digital format.

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“Luxury Applied to Management” has become a “must have” in the curriculum of those who work or not in the Luxury and Premium Segment. The main goal is to learn with the differentiated management of the Luxury activity, in an environment that provides the exchange of experiences among professionals of diverse sectors. This tie between people, knowledge and doings is conducted by Carlos Ferreirinha with mastery and makes each edition unique. At the end of two days, we can create a very interesting
scenario, based on the values ​​of Luxury, which concerns each and every one simultaneously.

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With five editions, the MCF Knowledge Forum is a day of exchanges, reflections and insights under the curatorship of Carlos Ferreirinha, who annually brings market experts to conduct the exchange and propose relevant directions for the current moment. As a result of the ATUALUXO, the Forum provides a productive immersion focused on strategic reflections that support the decisions of companies, in this new dynamic of the economy and the Brazilian market.



Carlos Ferreirinha discusses the tools of Luxury Management as a form of strategic differentiation, the current dynamics of market consumption, consumer behaviors, opportunities in Brazil and beyond. It’s interesting to note how each talk is unique and focused on your audience. Market movements, transformations, NRF, the look of Ferreirinha himself around the world, the unprecedented connections he makes, his experience with brands, business and people; all this is inserted naturally into the
narrative. Its charismatic and accessible language, the excitement and the constant updating make Ferreirinha requested by diverse companies in their essence and performance. Cyrela, Diageo, Embraer, Estée Lauder, Gafisa, Garoa, Gray Goose, Heineken, O Boticario, Pernod Ricard, TAM, Tiffany & Co., Unilever and Volkswagen are just a few of the recent clients. Workshops, special panels and mooring on demand content are also in the scope of the lecturer Ferreirinha, which shares data, cases and stories, but in an analytical context.

Please send an e-mail toleandro.crepaldi@mcfconsultoria.com.br to know more about our abilities, skills, statements and cases.



Brasil Circuit
The scripts, open to the market or developed exclusively for your company, presuppose theory and practice. They are based on visited retail service operations, to tangibilize the concepts and reflections learned, by critical observation, chat with managers and consolidation promoted by Carlos Ferreirinha.

What do we want?
To challenge creativity, provoke the desire for reinvention and encourage new visions. Promote the inspiration and translation of experiences lived for your business reality.


Meetings of 1h30 of duration with Ferreirinha. A conversation about the major market movements, Luxury and Premiumization management, opportunities and challenges, reflections on the NRF’s learning – Largest retail event in the world and SXSW, considered the main and the biggest innovation festival on the planet and also on our parallel program in NYC, and the presentation of the MCF strategic theme in 2019 = “RISK A NEW PERSPECTIVE, LIM-IT-LESS”;


For more than 10 years, MCF Consulting has been conducting the largest and possibly the most important retail event in the world, the New York City Experiences and Experiences Roadmap, in the days leading up to the National Retail Federation (NRF) with visits and strategic meetings conducted by Ferreirinha with leading operations executives and Luxury brands worldwide or operations / brands that have a precise and forceful exercise of innovation and differentiation. Two intense days of network, learning, inspiration and strategic reflections, with an agenda and “masterpieces”; of the relationship,
credibility and Strategic Intelligence of MCF.